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Name: Nicky, Tejina, or failed experiments (Only on FFN)
Age or age group: 32
Fandoms that you write for or are active in: lately Marvel (mostly X-men though not much Movieverse), Transformers (I'm an 80's baby), gundam Wing, Resident Evil (not movie verse), Robotech / Macross, King of Fighters, Stargate(Sg-1 and Atlantis), norse mythology, Strike witches, escaflowne, GetBackers, FullMetal Alchemist, Sanctuary, Primeval, Little Big Planet
What you typically write: Usually it's drabbles though I am working on rewriting a few chapter stories I have
Other interests: When I have time away from writing I make Amigurumi and other crochet items which I'll probably pic spam in my journal.this goes the same for anything that happens to be on my knitting needles too.  I work from home so I post whenever I need a break from the shop.  
What is typically on your LJ: random drabbles, one shots, chapter fics, Original writing (once in a blue moon, and only if I feel like I'm stuck), amigurumi photos, pixel dolls, and sometimes RP related stuff because I has no life XD
Petpeeves: I can take bad crit as long as it's not flaming. PWP smut, sorry I like plot. Chat speak, that's not writing so I'll avoid reading it all together, trolls... probably others.


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