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Name:Fanfic Add Me
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Meet fellow fanfiction writers
The purpose of this community is to help Dreamwidth users meet and friend others who write fanfiction. This can be for anime and manga, video games, television shows and movies, books, or other sources.

There is no specific format for entries, but it is asked that lengthly entries be put behind a cut. As well, some helpful things to consider including might be:

-Age or aghe group
-Fandoms that you write for or are active in (in that you read and review fanfiction, or plan to write for it)
-What you typically write (drabbles, one shots, chaptered works, prompts, etc)
-Other interests
-What is typically on your LJ
-Petpeeves (this may help avoid friending someone you otherwise wouldn't)

If you want to affiliate with the community, just drop me a line on my personal DW account.
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